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  • Do you have money in the bank gaining little or no interest? 

  • Would you like to receive at least 8% back on your money for no effort at all?

  • Would you like to earn at least 14% back on your money for a tiny bit of effort?

  • Would you like to earn at least 30% return on your money for a bit of effort?

  • Have you ever thought about investing in property but don't know where to start?

  • Do you see investing as too much of a risk to go it alone?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then read on because Virrco are here for you!


At Virrco we aim to be the Norths most personalised investment partners by investing your money for you, or giving you the tools and strategies you need to learn and thrive alone.

In the current world of smoke and mirrors it is more difficult than ever when deciding who to work with and put your trust in. We aim to change this by being the property partners with nothing to hide. We provide full cost breakdowns on our website, document the finances of our projects and show off our accounts, making it clear to see that we really do practice what we preach.


Please take a minute to look around our properties page and you will be able to see all of our projects and the financial breakdown of each. This includes a circa £50,000 resale (flip) profit, minimum return on tenanted investments of 14.06% and an average return on refurbished property investments of a staggering 42.1%!!

Our goal is to continue growing the company and the assets it owns, but with two

main additions:
1. Create a network of investors to share our journey
2. Help and manage investments for other individuals or companies.

There are a number of ways in which we would love to work with you and we guarantee great returns, expert advice and personalised service every step of the way. We will take the stress, uncertainty and hard work out of investing for you because after all, we are big enough to deliver but small enough to care!

"The best time to invest was 20 years ago....... The next best time is NOW"

"TIME IN the market far outweighs TIMING the market"






Our Story.


Virrco Ltd was founded in October 2019 by Andy Virr, as a company which would buy and hold properties for investment purposes. Since then, to date there have been 11 properties bought through the company, with 1 being sold for a large profit and the 10 remaining held as incoming producing assets. Andy now primarily focuses on building and generating wealth for others while still growing his own portfolio.

Andy bought his first development property in the peak of financial uncertainty with a borrowed deposit and very little refurbishment budget and still managed to sell a couple of years later for a good profit.

He then took the profit and invested in a landscaping business and used the rest to completely renovate his family home. This property is now worth more than double its original purchase price. 

One simple equity release later and there was enough funds to be able to start taking investing seriously.

Andy then invested many hours and thousands of pounds in educating himself. This includes completing RICS affiliation through the certificate of property investing and finance. Andy studied various different property investment strategies, all with the ultimate goal of achieving financial freedom through passive income. Just two and a half years later, this goal was achieved.

Andy Virr

BA (Hons) - Business Management

RICS Certificate in Property Investment and finance

13 Years investing and Refurbishment experience

Estate Agency experience

Completed Courses:

Certificate in Property Finance and Investment 

• Joint Venture Finance

Deal Packaging Essentials 

Property Investing Fundamentals

Commercial Property 1st Steps

Limited Company Essentials

Serviced Accommodation Masterclass 

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