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Invest with us.

Here at Virrco LTD there are a number of different investment options to cover your every need.

Whether you are time rich with money constraints or have money but little time. One of our options is sure to meet your needs.

We want to be transparent and open every step of the way, so check out our most popular options below and book a free consultation so we can tailor it to you.

Completely Hands Off Investments;

Long term. 

Invest a one off, set amount directly into Virrco Ltd and receive a guaranteed return either
monthly, annually or at the end of the fixed term agreement. This is completely ‘hands off,’ just sit back and watch your money grow.

The money you invest will be used within the company to acquire income producing assets at below market value. During your investment term we will renovate the property and increase the value substantially. We will then refinance these properties towards the end of your term in order retrieve your initial investment.

We can provide a personal guarantee on the loan. You will not own any property and the interest is not compound. You will not be expected to have any input into the projects taken on by Virrco but you will have access to regular site visits, update meetings and our monthly newsletter should you wish.


You will receive a guaranteed percentage on top of your initial investment, just like a savings account (but a much a higher interest rate)

Typical term: 3-5 years
Typical investment: £20k- £100k
Guaranteed returns: 8% (minimum) per annum

Customer invests: £50k for 3 years at an agreed rate of 8% per annum.

Customer return on investment options:
End of Year 1 receive £4000
End of Year 2 receive £4000
End of Year 3 receive £4000 plus £50,000 returned
Months 1-36 receive £333 every month.
End of 3 years £50,000 returned
Total profit = £12000


End of year 3 £50,000 returned plus £12000

Short Term.

This investment is for a shorter period than above but receives higher returns. You would register your interest and only be required to invest at the requested time of the need of the company.

In this instance Virrco will have found a specific below market value property that would need to be completed (purchased) within 6-10 weeks. Your investment would be used to acquire a large percentage of said property. Virrco will then refurbish the property and once this is complete we will either take a mortgage out on the property or sell the property on for profit. At this point your initial investment will be returned along with the accrued interest.

Whilst you won't be involved directly in the development, you are welcome to site visits and regular updates on the progress should you wish.

This investment can be backed by granting first charge on the property (you take priority above all others in case of default) 

Typical term: 3 - 12 months
Typical investment: £40k - £80k
Typical return: 1% per month (12% per annum)


£50k for a 6 month project at an agreed rate of 1% return per month.

Customer return on investment options: 

Month 6: £50,000 returned plus £3000 interest 

Months 1 - 6 receive £500 every month

month 6 receive £50,000 back
Total profit = £3000

Hands on Investments.

Joint Ventures.


Do you have some experience in the property investing?

Do you want to get involved in property investing?

Do you love refurbishing properties?

Do you have access to great property deals but don't know how to finance them?

Do you just not want to go alone for your first deal?

If so then lets team up and work together!


We love working with new, like minded people and we understand that everyone has something different to offer which makes us the perfect partners to join forces with.


We can work together on any type of project including commercial, residential, flips or rentals. There are many recognised strategies to be able to join forces and either asset share or profit share on completion. After all 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Likewise we often come across opportunities which require a partner so register your interest as an associate now and see how we can all move forward together. 

Typical cost:

No costs for the investor. Profits shared on a deal by deal basis. 

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